Haowei Bio

Haowei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ”Haowei Company”) was established in August 2012 and is located in the National Economic and Technological Development Zone – Tianjin Wuqing Development Zone, with a total area of 88 mu. In August 2016, after the wholly-owned acquisition by Beijing Nongfa Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., it integrated the personnel, products and resources with QYH Beijing Biopharmaceutical Factory, specializing in the production and sales of veterinary biological products and the R&D and technical services, etc. of veterinary biological products. 

Haowei company has two GMP workshops, live vaccine and inactivated vaccine, with 6 production lines, including embryo toxic production line, cytotoxic suspension culture production line, bacterial seedling production line and antibody production line. It has obtained more than a dozen veterinary live vaccines and inactivated vaccine production document numbers such as the Newcastle Disease Series, Combined Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis Series, the Infectious Bursal Disease and the Combined Newcastle Disease and Avian Influenza Series. In addition, the company also has independent research and development laboratories and animal experiment centers, etc. Currently, research and development of new animal vaccines and poultry multi-linked multi-valent vaccines are underway, providing a strong impetus for the development of enterprises.

Haowei Company practices the corporate culture of “good life, starting from a little drop”, insists on quality control from the source, and is committed to producing safe, effective, uniform, stable, convenient and economical veterinary biological products. Keeping pace with policies and market steps, It is brave in exploring and innovating, continuously enhancing our core competitiveness, and striving to build a high-end animal vaccine production brand.

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