corporate culture

The pursuit of "good life" has three meanings

First of all, a stable and harmonious modern social life in the modern sense is inseparable from food safety. QYH is to ensure the safety of the food and the health of the people with high-quality biological products produced by themselves. At the same time, QYH will promote the development of China's animal husbandry industry and contribute to the improvement of people's lives through the rapid development of the company itself and the rapid growth of economic strength.

Once again, the pursuit of the above two levels is not only the goal of the enterprise, but also the goal of every employee ofQYH. Every employee of QYHmust promote the rejuvenation of the nation and the progress of the country through his or her unremitting efforts and honest labor, thus making the whole social life better. At the same time, they also realized the unity of personal value and collective value in this process, and made themselves a good life in the development of the enterprise, and realized their happiness in the efforts of others' happiness.

"Starting from a little drop" has three meanings:

First of all, “a little drop” is the image expression of animal immunity in the veterinary biological products industry. "Drop" originated from the immunization method of eye and nose drops in animal immunization, which means that a drop of vaccine is used to provide protection for animals to prevent epidemics, and to create a better life for animals.

Secondly, “a little drop” is the specific form of animal vaccines of QYH’s products. “a little drop” means that QYHattaches great importance of the product quality on this little drop, and through this one drop of product to achieve the purpose of creating a better life for the whole society.

Thirdly, the implication of the image description of "a little drop" means that QYHattaches great importance to the details of the whole process of service, operation and management. In every aspect of corporate activities, it is required to be nuanced and constantly pursue perfection. Only from the above-mentioned "a little drop", starting from the details, through our continuous practice and creation, and accumulating sand into towers and gathering bits into robes, we can create a common, comprehensive and beautiful life.

“Good life starts from a little drop”, organically integrates the ultimate goal of the company, the specific interests of the customers, the realization of the value of the employees and the measures to achieve this goal, and expresses it out in a highly condensed manner, and all of these are a true portrayal of QYH's corporate culture spirit and core values.

Work with heart

Reflecting the concept, and it shows that the QYH people’s work attitude is solid, persistent, meticulous and constantly pursuing a better life;

Act now

Reflecting the executive power, it shows that the QYHpeople have an immediate action working style;

Happy work

Reflecting cultural, it shows that the QYH people’s cultural atmosphere for pursuing happiness and enjoy inside. The embodiment of “happy” is to achieve the purpose of seeking benefits for employees, creating value for customers and contributing to shareholders.

There are three meanings

First of all, it indicates thatQYH insisted on the supremacy of product quality. Product quality is the starting point of all our work, and we must establish a brand image based on bits of safe, stable and efficient products.

Secondly, it indicates that QYH always adheres to the principle of honesty and seriousness in product pre-sales, sales and after-sales service to create value for customers.

Thirdly, it reflects the attitude of the people of QYH, and is a service in a broad sense. It shows that QYHpeople treat all people and things with dedication, and work from the little drop, and with wholehearted service concept.

QYH is a ship

She travels in the vast ocean of the market economy. On this big ship, everyone works together, helping each other, riding the wind and breaking the waves, and drawing to the ideal shore;

QYH  is a school

In this school, every Qianyuanhao people has the opportunity to grow up, making his or her career more fulfilling and more exciting;

QYH is home

This big family is a warm and safe cradle, and here, you can feel a candid, loyal and sincere atmosphere. We tolerate the mistakes of innovation, support integrity and encourage honest returns.


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