Process control

Strict implementation of veterinary drug GMP standards in the production process

QYH Nanjing Biopharmaceutical Factory Building as the first factory in China to pass the veterinary drug GMP acceptance.(Left)
QYH Zhengzhou Biopharmaceutical Factory is a designated manufacturer of highly pathogenic avian influenza vaccine by the Ministry of Agriculture of China.(Right)

Advanced Production Technology

Suspension Culture Technology, Concentration and Purification Technology, Heat-resistant Protection Technology and Immune Enhancement Technology


Take the lead in using SPF eggs for live vaccine production in poultry industry

Strictly implement the "4processes", "3 inspections", "1 cold chain"

“Four processes”: raw and auxiliary materials entering the factory, production process control, semi-finished products and finished products inspection, batching and delivered out of the factory. “3 inspections”: raw material inspection, semi-finished product inspection, finished product inspection. “1 cold chain”: full cold chain transportation .

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