overseas market

At the beginning of 2005, QYH increased the development of the international market, and assigned special personnel to be responsible for overseas market research and product export 

QYH's outward international business development adheres to the principle of “first easy and then difficult”; adheres to the international business strategy of “two bridgeheads, three steps”; mainly promotes product exports with technical services to expand the export share of existing products, and expand the variety of export products; further expands the markets in Africa and Southeast Asia; strengthens the development of markets in neighboring countries, the Middle East and Central and South American countries; expands export areas; expands cooperation methods when the time is right, and cooperate to establish production bases.

QYH's internal development of international business starts from two aspects. On the one hand, to be the agent of multinational enterprise products, use the existing marketing channels for distribution, and obtain cooperation experience with multinational companies; on the other hand, it is to become joint venture with international animal insurance companies to establish a production base in China, introduce advanced technology and improve product quality, thereby consolidating the company's position in the international and domestic markets, expanding product visibility and sales.

· Up to now, QYH's products have been successfully exported to Indonesia, Egypt, Vietnam, Mongolia, Iraq and other countries, and it has signed agency agreements or reached cooperation intentions with enterprises in more than 20 countries and regions including Russia, Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Mongolia.

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