Management outline

I. Motto of University
Be honest, innovate and invigorate Enterprises
II. Purpose of running a school
Explore the Way of Management, the Way of Management, and Promote the Beauty of Life
III. Significance of running a school
Increase the value of human capital of a company
IV. Contents of Running Schools
Basic Vocational Skills, Corporate Values, Personal Career Planning
V. Ways of running schools
The combination of centralization and decentralization, internal training and external training, and the combination of headquarters and branches.
VI. University Organizations
Honorary presidents are chairmen, presidents are general managers, vice-presidents are senior managers, deans are senior managers in charge of human resources departments, and universities have branches of basic management, marketing and corporate culture. Relevant personnel are hired to serve as presidents and lecturers as required.
VII. Teaching Objects
All employees of the company and customers willing to receive training.
VIII. Research and Development of Courses
Personnel in charge of R&D courses are looking for suitable candidates throughout the company, taking them as the main research and development, and cooperating with external professional organizations. Research and development of new curriculum must meet the following two standards: first, to meet the market hot spots, there is market demand; second, Qian Yuanhao's strong points, in practice, do particularly outstanding.


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